Sunrise Broadband

(Available in selected areas of Lucerne Valley only)
Now available! 
A high-speed, always-on Internet connection.

Enjoy an always-on connection to the Internet for 1 to 4 devices

A home network can allow you to play interactive games between computers, allow you to share printers and files, and share your connection to the Internet.
Typical equipment and installation cost is $200.00.

* Prices quoted above are for the normal antenna and radio hardware installation charge, including installation of wired network switch or router and cables for up to 4 PCs in the same room. Additional wiring or installation of additional devices will require an extra charge.


Sunrise Broadband

Monthly Access Charges
Introductory Bandwidth Pricing
Plan Monthly Charge
250MB/day or 7.5GB/Mo. $40.00
500MB/day or 15GB/Mo. $55.00
Add for equipment and installation

Most Major Credit Cards Accepted

This service IS NOT designed for those intending to setup their own bootleg server to share copyrighted video or music (mp3) files or any adult content. See our Acceptable Use Policy. Please view our Fair Access Policy for daily data limits. This service does not work with streaming video or movies.

Standard equipment includes a radio/antenna system with a 50' cable connecting to an indoor mounted Power source, PC, 4 port router, switch or hub as determined by our network technician, and network cables to connect to onsite computers or game systems.

Standard installation labor includes mounting the radio/antenna & bracket on a fascia or barge board (gable end) of a building or mounting to an existing antenna mast no higher than 6' above the roof (walk able roof pitch of 5:12 or less), routing the 50' cable under the eaves to the desired entrance location and drilling a hole and sealing around the wire. The required network settings for connecting up to 4 PCs will be entered and the antenna will be aimed for optimum connection. Special circumstances may require additional parts and labor such as cable extensions, antenna mast, guy wires, signal amplifier, network configuration, and these additional parts or labor are not included in the basic installation package. The customer must be present during installation. Select your preferred installation location carefully. See our hardware page for our price list for optional parts. In most cases we can install within a few weeks
of receiving payment.


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