Sunrise Internet Services


Sunrise Internet Services has been serving the high desert and mountain communities with dependable Internet access since 1997. One thing that makes Lucerne Valley different from much of the Victor Valley is our telephone infrastructure, much of it dating back to the early fifties. Sunrise Internet has state-of-the-art 56K v.90 and v.92 connections available for those with good digital phone service plus we have a few US Robotics 33.6 v.45 analog connections available for those far from town and in poor phone service areas.


Local, Lucerne Valley Access Numbers

760-824-1301 - Digital 56K v.92 connection

760-824-0568 - Digital 56K v.92 connection

760-824-0082 - Digital 56K v.92 connection

760-248-2481 - Analog 33.6K v.45 connection




Sunrise Internet Services provides services from several Networks


Sunrise Internet Services has numbers available to connect from most cities across the United States.
Additional access numbers are available from the link below.
When traveling out of the area call us at 760 248-1000 for questions or assistance.


Sunrise Access Numbers

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